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The Capelle Group pools Capelle Transports - Founding company of the Group, created in 1950 - and other subsidiaries, founded or purchased since 2003 by the Group's holding company, Capelle Investissements. The growth and acquisition strategy of the Capelle Group focuses on its core business: oversized transport, but also on transport with standard flatbeds and arm cranes.
Today, the Group is organized as follows :

Capelle Transports : (16 agencies throughout the entire French territory): historic company of the Capelle Group, in charge of both standard transport and any kind of oversized transport.

Capelle Iberica : located in Spain (Valencia and Barcelona), this subsidiary of the Group specializes in standard and oversized transport in Spain and Europe.

Capelle International : located in Luxemburg, this subsidiary of the Group specializes in standard and oversized transport in Benelux and Europe.

Euroteam Capelle : this subsidiary of the Group is both :

- he only training centre belonging to a transport group and having the authorization to provide the compulsory training sessions for the transport of goods (minimum compulsory initial training, compulsory continuous safety training) to all drivers, whether they work for the Capelle Group or not;

- The only European school dedicated to oversized transport.

Transports Aprin : (2 agencies) : transport and handling (arm cranes) of various products, specifically concrete elements (sale and rental of Jersey barriers and BT4, the safest concrete motorway protection on the market).

Transports Fromont : (3 agencies): standard and oversized transport, specializing in arm cranes and transport of railway equipment.

Transports Moraud : regional, national and international transport: oversized transport in all categories, standard transport, transport of dangerous goods (oil and explosives) and flatbed arm cranes.

Capelle Yachting : (3 agencies): specializing in the transport of all types of boats in France and internationally, Capelle Yachting offers turnkey solutions, from preparing the boat to its launch, including the reassembly of the equipment and the delivery of administrative authorizations.

Miolan Matériel : sale of second hand vehicles and construction equipment.