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Dumper's transport


In April, Midi Libre (South France daily newspaper)wrote an article on Transports Capelle with a convoy of a Dumper realized for our customer Carayon.

The convoy started in Landsberg in Germany, near Munich, to finish in one of the quarry of the customer based in Saint-Pons-de-Thomières in Hérault (France).

The route was of 500 km in Germany, only 2 days were necessary to arrive in France thanks to the German's authorizations arrangements. In France, theroute lasted 4 days and a half because we had to pass by nationals roads specially studied.

The dimensions of the Dumper were of 9 meters long, 5 meters large, 3,80 meters high for 50 Tons, towed by a 6x4.

Before this transport,the bucket of the dumper has been transported with the dimensions of 9,8 meters long, 5 meters large, 3,20 meters of high and 27 Tons.

All in all, this convoy will have counted 2 trucks and 4 pilot cars.

The article (only in french)