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1950 to 2003

From 1950 to 2003, Capelle Transports has been continuously developing, becoming over the years the standard in oversized transport in France (More info). During that period, the company soared from 2 to almost 400 employees and from 10.000 € to 20 000 000 € turnover.

Building on that growth, and in order to structure its organization, in 2003 Capelle Transports created the Capelle Investments holding company, which strictly speaking marks the creation of the Capelle Group.

2003 until today

The Capelle Group pools its historical subsidiary - Capelle Transports and its agencies - as well as other specialized subsidiaries in the oversized transport trade : Capelle iberica, Capelle International, Euroteam Capelle, les Marins de la Route, Capelle Balisage, Capelle Nord, Moraud Citernes, KMH International...

Since 2003, the Group has keept its growth strategy up, wining market share and purchasing various transport companies, including :

In 2004

Transports Thomas (85): 20 vehicles, specialized in global logistics for the steel tube market (transport, handling, siding, storage and engineering) thanks to extensible flatbeds, arm cranes, shovel with suction pads and 8x6 tractors.

In 2005

Transports Bonneton (38): merging with our agency in Rilleux La Pape (69) (10 vehicles) to create a single agency in Lyon, more specifically in Saint Clair du Rhône (38);
Transports Aprin (30): 25 vehicles specialized in the regional and national transport of concrete, arm cranes, as well as in transport and rental of Jersey barriers;
Transports Geliot (52): 23 vehicles, specialized in national transport with arm cranes and flatbeds;
Opening of the Capelle Transports agency in Burgundy, in St Amour (39), dedicated in particular to the transport and logistics of modular constructions (9.000m2 storage).

In 2006

Transports Dauphin (13): 10 vehicles, specialized in regional transport of concrete goods, arm cranes;
Transports Garonne (13): 10 vehicles, specialized in the transport of boats and catamarans (19 people).

In 2007

Transports Fromont (59): standard and overiszed transport, specialized in arm crane and transport of railway equipment (3 sites, 48 people);
Transports Moraud (33 and 78): standard and oversized transport, handling, transport of oil products (130 people). The site in Buc (78) became the Capelle Buc agency on January 1st 2008;
Transports Rival (42): transport of arm cranes and flatbeds. Became an agency of Transports Aprin on January 1st 2008;
Transports Oligo (27): transport of boats and float. Became the Capelle Normandy agency on October 1st 2007;
Transports EGT (30): standard transport. Integrated into the Capelle agency in Domazan on October 1st 2007.

In 2008

January: opening of the Capelle Brittany agency (29) in Ploudaniel.

In 2009

Transports Vallas (69): specialized in the transport and unloading (arm cranes) of concrete products;
Transports Morlin (33): specialized in the transport of boats, leader in the transport of boats for private individuals.